Painting and restoring garden wood

Before painting wood, assess the condition and quality of a surface.  If the coating is cracked, scratched or damaged, you should start work from sanding the surface with coarse sand paper or a sanding block. You should fill all holes with a fine putty.

The next step is to sand the surface with fine sand paper and clean it with a wet cloth. To the surface prepared in such a way, apply the first layer with a brush rubbing the product into the surface; after waiting the amount of time provided by the producer, apply the next layer.

Apply as thin layers of the product as possible.  A too thick layer will dry for a long time and then it may peel and crack. It is also necessary to stir the product from time to time as pigments tend to split and deposit on the bottom.

If you want to check if they colour meets your expectations, try the application in a less visible place first.

If needed, apply a good product for removing algae, moss and mildew.

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